Dynasty Warriors Kicks Off First Official Character Popularity Poll For The West


We often see fans in Japan participate in all kinds of character popularity polls, but the West will finally get to participate in a big one as Koei Tecmo kicked off an official Dynasty Warriors character popularity poll for the first time in the West.

You can check out the first official Dynasty Warriors character popularity poll here, which has already begun with the Wei faction. The poll will be going over various factions throughout the month of August followed by the semi-finals from August 31 through September 4 that will feature the top-3 from each faction, and a 24-hour live poll final starting September 7 at 10:00am PDT that features the top-5 from the semis.

You can check out the schedule below:

Over 4,000 fans have already participated for day 1 that began earlier yesterday. You can keep up with the latest info via Koei Tecmo America’s official Twitter account.

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