Dynasty Warriors Live Action Movie Will Land in China This April

Dynasty Warriors live action movie - Lu Bu

The official Dynasty Warriors live-action movie has a release date in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It will be available on April 29 and 30, 2021, respectively. [Thanks, ZhugeEX and Enjoy China!]

Directed by Roy Chow, the Dynasty Warriors movie will cover the first two chapters of the series—the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition. The movie will also feature a younger Cao Cao who has no facial hair.

A new trailer for the movie also showed up to accompany the Chinese release date announcement. You can get a sneak peek of how powerful warriors like Lu Bu and Guan Yu can blow away many soldiers with a single swoop, just like in the original games.

The previous trailer for the movie was published in March 2018. Although China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited initially planned to release the movie in 2019, it was eventually delayed.

The Dynasty Warriors live-action movie will launch in Hong Kong on April 29, 2021, and Mainland China on April 30, 2021. It is currently unknown when the movie will be brought outside China.

In the game department, Koei Tecmo delayed the release of Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires. The new console game would not make it through the initial Early 2021 release window, as the development team is still polishing the game. The company instead focused to launch the internally-made Dynasty Warriors mobile game in Japan within March 2021.

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