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Each The Princess Guide Heroine Movesets And Feel Geared Toward Certain Players


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The Princess Guide is a game about helping someone be all that they can be. Players follow a soldier who has spent their whole life fighting and writing books, but finding they want more. Their commander notices this and, after some discussion, helps them realize it is time to use the knowledge obtained from battling and traveling around the world to make it a better place. So, players step up as a tutor for one of four princesses. These battle patterns and personalities serve as a means of motivation and help make each character stand out. This means people should think hard about who to choose first.


Take the fighting styles, for example. Different characters behave in different ways in the field, though at its heart The Princess Guide is a beat’em up where you will be attacking in a frenzy while also attempting to survive. This means some people require a little more tact and thoughtfulness to control, while it is possible to think a little less and bludgeon anything with others. Alpana and Liliartie are the anything goes kinds of heroines. Liliartie is more of a standard warrior who is also rather swift, but is more about crowd control. She’s the best choice for beginners, due to attacks that will always hit more than one enemy. Nearly every one will take out people around her.Both are more traditional, physical warriors. Alpana is someone people should consider using second. She is best compared to a ninja or rogue, due to her agility and use of two daggers. It is very easy to overshoot her attacks, then plow through small swaths of enemies while in a frenzy. You need to think a little more than you would with Liliartie, but she is still there to help you learn. (It is also appropriate, story-wise, that these two princesses are close friends and grew up together.)


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The other two princesses are more technical. Monomaria is a good choice if you had an easy time using Alpana or Liliartie and want more of a challenge. She uses a Gatling gun with very specific ranges. While the first hit in a combo could be a standard smack with the gun, subsequent ones have her firing off bullets that do less damage, but also slightly push enemies away from her. You also have an attack that can fire a shot in the air. In each case, Monomaria becomes prone when shooting, making the gunner someone who has to be aware of enemy positions and make good use of the soldiers around her.


Veronica is the most advanced character, due to the ways her spells work. Her standard fireball spell starts out only firing one fireball in a single line in one direction, meaning her other sides are exposed. She also has a bomb attack, but if you have her in range of it, it deals damage to her too. Also, another of her spells allows you to charge an attack and see a glyph on the floor increase in size in vibrancy to show its potency. She has the potential to be incredibly powerful after her stats are raised, but early on relies on evasive maneuvers and making good use of her troops to act as a shield so she can attack from a distance.


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It might feel like the personalities are just a bonus. Each heroine has a set of behaviors that shows she would be a (usually) good leader (of sorts). Finding one whose moveset works for you and also has a trait you find endearing or humorous is a bonus. Alpana comes across as caring and kind, as it seems like she is ready to eliminate all fighting by force. (She also is enjoying her trip around the island and acquiring souvenirs.) Monomaria is dedicated to her family legacy and the people who serve her, wanting to rebuild her family’s name, give her supporters a better life, and find out more about her parents’ death. For Liliartie, she just wants to be a great ruler who fights dragons and makes her people happy. Veronica wants to rule everything and was willing to kidnap the instructor for insight to make that possible.


The Princess Guide‘s multiple heroines may make it easier for someone to get invested and find a character to root for. Each one has a very distinct personality and reason for wanting to train with the instructor. Their motivation and attitude could cause someone to root for them. But more importantly, each character has her own playstyle, making it wise to choose someone whose attack patterns align best with your own. It could help people connect with the student and work harder to make her dreams come true.


The Princess Guide is available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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