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Earth Atlantis Is A Shmup About Hunting Monsters On A Flooded Earth


After a climate shift in the 21st century, the Earth is left flooded, the waters filled with hybrids of monster and machine. It’s up to the player, as a hunter of these creatures, to hunt down certain ones and kill them in Earth Atlantis.


Earth Atlantis offers players an array of weapons and ship types to use while exploring the open sea, having them fight off the mechanical sea creatures that wander the waters. As they do, they are working their way toward specific giants monsters, using their maneuverable ship to steer through tight corridors and between the wreckage of the ruined Earth.

The game uses a visual style that draws similarities to 14th century sketches of sea monsters. This gives Earth Atlantis a unique look, one that ties it to the myths of legendary sea monsters that inspired its futuristic shmup action.


Earth Atlantis is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Alistair Wong
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