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Earth Defense Force 2025’s Metal Samurai Can Dual Wield Gatling Guns



    Eight years have gone by since the events of Earth Defense Force 2017. The EDF force destroyed the Ravager mothership and just as it looked like the human race was about to prosper once again, something has gone awry…


    The Ravagers and giant bugs came back for Earth Defense Force 2025.


    Earth’s new hope for survival got a little "sharper" after being introduced to the futuristic samurai, also known as the dual wielding armored trooper fencer.


    The Fencer uses its heavy power frame and armor to destroy enemies in close-ranged combat. Its main weapons consist of heavy artillery which can also be dual-wielded.


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    Check out the Gatling guns, steel spears, shields, artillery and Hammers the steel samurai can use.



    Together with the Ranger, Wing Diver and Air Raider, the Fencer will be the fourth infantry unit in the front line against invading alien insects.


    Earth Defense Force 2025 will take over Japan on July 4th, 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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