Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriends All Have A Wild Side To Them


Level-5’s upcoming iPhone and Android role-playing game isn’t your average RPG, or game, for that matter. Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend has features found in Japanese pachinko and slot machines—the game is played by spinning slots reels to fund a war fought by a special force of mercenary women.


The mercenary women actually lived normal lives and had normal jobs before they started fighting wars as mercenaries. Here’s a look a some of the ladies in their day job appearances and combat forms.




Yasuna is a mechanic who was once the leader of a biker gang. She is often a nice lady but also has another side of her that is much more vulgar and quick to get into fights. While fighting and searching for a lost friend who has become an enemy, she was scouted by the mercenaries.




Akane the bartender boasts her very loud voice that can be heard anywhere. After the store was destroyed by an invading spaceship, Akane applied to be part of the mercenaries as a way to gain money for rebuilding her shop.




When she’s not a hammer-wielding bunny girl, Emiko is the always cheerful employee at a pachinko shop. She has gained incredible strength throughout her everyday struggles, it is said that she has superhuman power. After being noticed by the mercenaries, she was scouted by them. She finds good massages after work to be the most relaxing thing.




Yoko is a genius girl who was the youngest in history to graduate from the Super Barrier University. She has super effective programming skills, but when it comes to everything else in life, she’s rather slovenly. She unwillingly joined the mercenaries after being requested by the government. Mitarashi Dango balls are her favorite food.


Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriend will be invading iOS and Android devices in July.

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