Nintendo 3DS

The Easiest Way To Make Money Is With A Sponsorship In Hero Bank



In the far future, when mega-corps rule the land, there will still be sponsorship everywhere you go. Which makes shilling out for them sound like perfect sense when you’re Kaito Gosho, a poor kid down on his luck and with a debt so huge he’s forced to either man up in the electronic money-ring/fighting-arena of Hero Bank or become a slave forever.


In the latest promotional video, we’re shown a quick shot of some of the many robot fighters you’ll be able to summon during the course of the fight. These guys obviously don’t come free—there’s no such thing as a free meal in Gosho’s world—but they do come with more powerful skills that either you or your opponent can take advantage of!


Some of the companies that will be featured in the game are a Pizza Hut robot with pizza cutters for hands, karaoke chain Big Echo doing an Elvis Presley-impression robot, Coro Coro’s mangaka robot or Fujifilm’s camera robot. There’s also what appears to be the cops featured as bulldogs (so fitting!) and a robot fireman from the Tokyo Fire Department with water hoses for arms.


There are a ton of more “normal” robots though if you think sponsorship deals aren’t the way to go. Some of these special fighters we’ve seen before, like the robot oba-san aunty or the salaryman. Others that seem to be hinted at with the splash screen above are a really hot love nurse, magician, racer robo with wheels, astronaut, a very refined lady-like robot and… er… a Sega robot? Green tea mascot? Yeah, these are the “normal” robots list.


You can also create your own robot from parts you’ve collected. You’ll have to play a mini-game, which will help assemble your ungodly monstrosity from hell. Hero Bank will be out for the Nintendo 3DS March 20th.