Eastward Is Being Made To Resemble ‘90s Japanese Animation



Shanghai-based studio Pixpil Games has revealed its upcoming action-adventure game Eastward.


It’ll have you playing as a father who has to travel through a post-apocalyptic world with his daughter. Apparently the game’s world has seen severe environmental problems and human societies have become isolated and continue to shrink.


As to how it will play, Pixpil says that it hopes it will resemble Zelda games in some fashion. But the standout feature of the game, at least in these early stages, is its pixel art.


“The game use a special ‘retro-pixel + 3D lighting’ visual style,” says Pixpil. “We aim to achieve a feeling close to Japanese animation from 90s.” You can keep track of Eastward’s progress on the TIGSource forums.


Chris Priestman