eBay Is Taking Measures To Battle SNES Classic Edition Scalpers



When preorders went live for the SNES Classic Edition over on eBay in Europe, it didn’t take long before scalper listings were popping up with up to three times the asking price for the mini console. However, eBay is taking measures to help prevent these cases of scalpers. [Thanks, Eurogamer.]


To help combat these instances of scalping, eBay UK has begun removing listings for preorder items if the release date for the particular item is more than 30 days away. Of course, the problem will arise once again once we get within a month of the console’s release. Still, the measures put in place by eBay UK have ensured that, at least for now, customers will be able to preorder an SNES Classic Edition without having to contend with scalpers.


The SNES Classic Edition will be available on September 29th, 2017.