Edelweiss Shares First Screenshots Of Its Next Action-RPG



Japanese indie studio Edelweiss shared the first screenshots of its next action-RPG on Twitter. A Windows demo of the game was available at Comiket 89.


The screenshots show a female warrior battling against creatures that seem to be appearing from a magical portal. She uses a staff and performs huge, striking aerial attacks with each slash and strike illustrated with lustrous colors.


The format of this action-RPG, which appears to be a side-on, single-screen action-RPG, resembles Edelweiss’s previous title Fairy Bloom Freesia.


Other titles the studio has produced include Astebreed and Ether Vapor Remaster, both of which were published on Steam by Nyu Media. You might also know Edelweiss as the studio that puts together the Comiket game trailer compilations.


Chris Priestman