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Edge Of Eternity Update Introduces Alien Plants, Animals, & Gods



Edge of Eternity’s recent December update has released images of some of the alien animals and plants players will come across on the world of Heryon, as well as hinting at the involvement of some of the world’s gods in the game’s conflicts. 


With Heryon being an alien world, the developers have attempted to introduce plant and animal life that looks like it’s from another world. “We are working to develop a distinctive atmosphere to Edge of Eternity. Heryon is an alien world, and though the people who inhabits these lands have much to share with us humans, their world, history and fauna are still very different than ours.

To strengthen this sense of being on another world, the developers have created several types of plant life, like the mushroom-like trees above. They have also developed several different animals, showing off an armored boar-like creature (Orokko) that detects foes through ground vibrations and the deer/cat-like Dunnrïr, which travel in packs and can provide needed sustenance to travellers (if they can take them down).


The details about Edge of Eternity’s gods are scant, but say that they often appeared to protect their faithful in times of crisis. They appear to be helping in the current conflict, but the nature of how they are helping seems to be unclear. There is some suspicion that the Sanctuary knows what is going on, but won’t say.

Edge of Eternity is still in development with no set release date at this time.

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