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Edge Of Eternity’s Main Character Gets A JRPG Hero Makeover



The latest Kickstarter update for upcoming indie RPG Edge of Eternity shows off main character Daryon’s new look. Midgar Studio says it was going for a more “JRPG-ish” look this time around.


You can see see Daryon’s makeover in the image above but it’s worth noting that this is the model meant to be viewed from a distance, and so the cutscene model (for close-ups) will be more detailed.


Also shown off was the work done so far on Edge of Eternity’s NPC system. You can see it in the video above but Midgar notes that it contains many bugs and unfinished visuals.

“We are working on a intent system for the NPCs that will create realistic behaviors and interact with the environment,” Midgar says. “It’s an huge thing to create but it’s very important to us. We think it’s important for the journey of our characters and for our players to see how the world lives and that means NPC with credible willpower.”

Chris Priestman