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Edge Of Eternity’s Visuals Get A Boost With Unity 5 In New Screenshots



With the arrival of Unity 5 last week, Midgar Studio has had some time to improve the visuals and performance of its Japanese RPG tribute Edge of Eternity.


To show off the enhancements, Midgar has released a bunch of new screenshots so that we can all get a better look at them. You can see those screenshots below (and one above).


For those into the technical side, here’s a list of the new features that Unity 5 has brought with it:

  • Realtime Spec Probes
  • Realtime GI Indirect Lighting
  • Physically Based Shading powered by Alloy 3 made by one of our backers and his team (thank you so much!)
  • SpeedTree


Plus, Midgar have some “home-made” features that it was able to either improve upon or introduce with Unity 5. Those are:

  • SMAA Antialiasing (We are actually working on an implementation of TXAA for Unity)
  • HBAO Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion
  • Atmosphere Scattering (With realtime GI variation)
  • “Reactive” Grass Shader
  • Improved High Resolution Shadows







Finally, here’s a comparison screenshot – Unity 4 at the bottom, Unity 5 at the top.



Chris Priestman