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Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory Mixes Victorian Steampunk With Fantasy



Lex, an outcast bounty hunter and half-breed of the twin realms of Day and Night, is caught up in a clash for an energy source in 3rd person action game Edge of Twilight – Return to Glory.




The game, which is raising votes on Steam Greenlight and is projected to release on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Nvidia Shield this Summer, takes place across two worlds – one of constant day and the other of constant night. The races of those worlds, one spiritual and the other technological, are caught up in a battle for energy. Lex will find himself dragged into this conflict, making his own moral choices about who to help and who to fight.




Lex, as a half-breed of the game’s two races, will have distinct powers he can access from both sides for the game’s live combat. He will also be able to use an array of long and short range weapons on top of those abilities as well.

Alistair Wong
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