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Edgeworth’s New Rival In Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Is A Stern Female Judge



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At a Tokyo Game Show presentation yesterday, Capcom showcased Ace Attorney Investigations 2 and some of the game’s new characters. The preview trailer movie shown was in the format that most fans have come to recognize, but the highlight of the presentation came after the showing.


Producer, Motohide Eshiro and director, Takeshi Yamazaki, began by introducing the changes made to the second game. One is that the game’s sprites, as well as its background, look better graphically than its predecessor’s. We can’t tell by looking at the screenshots, but the point was highlighted as an improvement over Ace Attorney Investigations.


The second is Edgeworth’s new system of attack — Logic Chess — where he interrogates tight-lipped characters and observe the opponent’s reactions for any weak points. The exchange is shown in the form of chess, Edgeworth’s favorite game, in the background as a metaphor. No further details were revealed, however.


Next, character designer, Tatsurou Iwamoto, took the stage and introduced AAI2’s new characters, including a certain character — Shelly de Killer — returning from Ace Attorney: Justice for All.



The final character shown at the event was Edgeworth’s new rival — a female judge by the name of Mikagami Hakari. Iwamoto said, “The main image for her design was a female saint. Personally, I imagined an older woman (he uses the term” onee-sama”) whom I would look up to.”


A short movie of Edgeworth and Mikagami talking was then shown, although the latter didn’t speak.


Images sourced from 4Gamer.

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