Only Eight Copies Of The Gold Mega Man 4 Cartridge Exist, And It’s Worth A Fortune

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Mega Man 4, or Rockman 4 in Japan, has been out for almost 23 years now, but not many people know about the existence of its super-rare golden cartridge that was given away in very limited quantities. Inside Games shared its story, which was recently featured on a Japanese TV show.


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The game was featured on the TV show, Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan (which more or less translates to “Good Luck! The All-Appraisal Group”), which has been airing for about 20 years now.


The premise of the show is about a group of professionals who appraise all kinds of different objects presented by various people, from celebrities to local farmers.


In the latest episode of the show that aired on August 12th, a famous illustrator by the name Yoshitaka Enomoto was featured as a guest. While he is known as an illustrator, manga artist, and painter, his most prized possession is the golden Mega Man 4 cartridge, which is something he’s had since he was a young boy.



Back in 1991 when Enomoto was still in middle school, he entered a contest held by Capcom to design a boss character. Out of about 70,000 entries, his design for “Pearlman” was chosen for the eight bosses to be featured in the game, which ended up being the “Brightman” Mega Man fans all know today.


After winning the contest, he and the seven other artists were awarded special golden cartridges for Mega Man 4. These copies were never reproduced, and were considered quite the collector’s item at the time.


20 years later, Enomoto decided to find out how much the cartridge would be worth today through the TV Tokyo program. Contestants in the show start out with their own figures before the appraisal, which Enomoto went with a humble 78,000 yen ($761).



As it turns out, the team of appraisers started out by saying that the regular copy of Mega Man 4 would have the value of 700 yen ($6.85) but since Enomoto’s was such a rare copy, they decided to give it a whopping 400,000 yen’s value (about $3,900).


The report doesn’t mention whether Enomoto decided he’d like to sell the cartridge or not, but given its sentimental value from his earlier days as an artist, it’s safe to assume that it’s being kept nice and cozy by the original Brightman designer.

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