Eighting’s New Title Has Characters Fight By Bouncing Off Each Other



Everyone’s essentially a gigantic billiards ball in crazy mobile game Clash! Break Academy, a new title from Eighting. You might not have heard of them directly, but they’ve done work on plenty of fighting games including titles such as Fate/Unlimited Codes, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Oh, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.



A new IP from the developer, Clash! Break Academy is a cross between social card game collection, where you’ll pick up new characters, and fielding a team of said characters in battle. Battles are 3D fights set on stages, and you “fight” by aiming your characters in a charging rush. This can bounce them off other allies or careen them straight into foes. Smart bouncing can lead to multi-hit combos.


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During fights, you can also unleash special attacks with characters. The story isn’t half bad either, being deliciously over-the-top.


Clash! Break Academy is out now on iOS and Android.


Thanks to Wyatt Epp for the tip! And if you’re playing, leave a friend code!