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El Psy Congroo, Steins;Gate 0 Gets A New Trailer



Steins;Gate is getting an upcoming sequel by 5pb. and Mages., in Steins;Gate 0, which will tell the story of an alternate world line where Okabe had given up on saving “her.” The latest trailer shares a little more on the game’s story.


Steins;Gate 0 takes place in a world line where protagonist Rintaro Okabe had given up on saving “her.” His friends worry seeing him brokenhearted. What happened to “her,” who couldn’t be saved?


Steins;Gate 0 will tell the tale of what happens with a new character added into the story. And “she” will also be there. It’s also been announced that “Kanako Ito” will do the theme song for the game, with a track called “Amadeus.”


If you’re wondering about the significance behind the name, it was previously mentioned in a teaser that in Steins;Gate 0 Okabe of that timeline didn’t know about a system called “AMADEUS,” which would lead to a world full of conspiracies.



To commemorate the upcoming release of Steins;Gate 0, there will be a special collaboration cafe event of Steins;Gate x Kobe Anime Street, where the theme will be “open the gate of God, Steins;Gate,” from August 1st until the 31st.


Steins;Gate 0 will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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