Eldritch Law Is A Horror RPG Where Each Character Plays Differently



Eldritch Law is a horror RPG where players will battle to save the fabric of reality itself using an array of characters who all play very differently from one another.


Eldritch Law looks to make its turn-based combat more involved than just spamming attacks, giving each of its playable characters a unique style that requires they use each character differently. As an example, the developer lists Albion, a character who can drain AP from opponents to sustain his magical abilities without backup. Each character will have abilities like this, with the end goal of having players constantly using a variety of attacks instead of just one or two. These powers will be extremely important when facing enemies that can erode sanity and reality.

Eldritch Law also aims to have interesting, interactive environments, with each of its characters having their own context-sensitive abilities that will allow them to solve their own unique puzzles or make their own changes to locations.


Eldritch Law ‘s battle for reality is currently in development, with its developer raising funding for its creation on Patreon, with a demo available on the campaign page.

Alistair Wong
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