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Electronic Super Joy: Groove City Is Bringing Laser-Nipples To Xbox One, Wii U



Michael Todd has announced that he’ll be bringing his musically-pumped hardcore platformer Electronic Super Joy: Groove City to Xbox One and Wii U.


It puts you on a quest to reclaim the laser-nipples of a robot stripped called JoJo that were stolen by the nefarious Dr. Swinger. This wouldn’t be your problem normally, but JoJo has rampaged and started to destroy Groove City, so someone’s got to sort it out.


What this bizarre plot translates to is 15 (and two secret) sidescrolling levels that chuck homing missiles, falling platforms, pursuing monsters, and a sexy soundtrack at you.


You can already purchase Electronic Super Joy: Groove City for $4.99 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android players. Check out its website for more screenshots and info.

Chris Priestman