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Elliot Quest’s Immortal, Bow-Wielding Hero Has Come To The Switch


Elliot Quest, a sidescrolling action game inspired by Zelda II that’s newly arrived on the Nintendo Switch, will have players guiding its immortal hero, Elliot, across a world filled with monsters and dungeons in order to free him from the demonic curse that is keeping his body alive while sapping his strength.


Elliot finds that he cannot die due to a demonic curse, but he can still be beaten unconscious by enemies, and that he is slowly turning into a demon himself. To stop the curse’s progress, Elliot will have to travel across the world collecting elemental magics, defeating large demons, helping people he meets in towns, and finding whatever secret power-ups he can locate across the game’s world.

Elliot Quest offers a node-based level-up system where players can choose which ways they want to strengthen their hero, creating their own custom build over time. Players will then take their powered-up Elliot out into the dungeons and caverns of the world, exploring the sidescrolling mazes. Despite being immortal, Elliot can still easily be taken down in this game, being hurled back to the few checkpoints that exist in each dungeon.


Elliot is armed with a bow to fight back with, but it’s not as simple as hitting the button and firing. Players will need to take the arrow’s flying arc into consideration whenever they fire, as the attack doesn’t fly straight. This can often be used to the player’s advantage, though, by attacking from different angles and heights once players are skilled at using it.

Elliot Quest, having previously released on several other platforms, has just released on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch.

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