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What Else Is New In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Evolution



    We previously reported that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Evolution will feature new Field Attacks as part of the enhancement it’s getting as an upgraded version of the game on PlayStation Vita. The official website shares a look at what else is new.


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    2015-03-19_022916 2015-03-19_022931

    2015-03-19_022941 2015-03-19_022953

    S-Craft, or Super Crafts, are powerful exclusive skills used by the characters in Trails in the Sky. The enhanced Vita version will add new illustrations for the characters using S-Crafts, along with upgraded visual effects.


    2015-03-19_023805 2015-03-19_023823

    2015-03-19_023834 2015-03-19_023845

    2015-03-19_023857 2015-03-19_023907

    Each character has added Field Attacks as a new action. They all vary in terms of attack range, and the amount of time it stuns an enemy on the field.

    2015-03-19_024159 2015-03-19_024210

    2015-03-19_024222 2015-03-19_024234

    By using Field Attacks and properly hitting the enemies on the field, you can put yourself in an advantageous position once the battle begins. However, enemies can also get you from behind to put you at a disadvantage, so you’ll need to be careful out there.


    2015-03-19_024436 2015-03-19_024446

    2015-03-19_024501 2015-03-19_024513

    Finally, the above shows a look at the new escape chance percentage they’ve added to the game. Depending on whether you get a preemptive strike to start your battles or get put in a back attack position, the percentage will vary.


    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Evolution will release in Japan later this year for PlayStation Vita. A demo for the game is also headed to the Japanese PlayStation Store on March 26.

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