Elsword Adds New Character Rena And PvP Mode



Elsword, the side-scrolling brawler from KOG Games, has been updated with a new character in Rena, who’s very angry for nature. It also adds a new player-versus-player battleground.



Rena’s nature attacks are powered up by connecting combo hits on foes. She’ll be able to gain up to five orbs of Nature’s Fury. They can then be used to deal additional damage which ignores armor and defense.


Alternatively, it can be used to power up Nature’s Fury skills. If you don’t have enough orbs, it’ll consume whatever you have and deal proportionate damage.



Obtaining three orbs is the sweet spot, as Rena will then be able to run faster, gains a slow mana recovery ability and a slight damage reduction. This could be useful in the new player-versus-player island of Ereda Island where fights are prolonged affairs. Here, teams of 3v3 or 4v4 will fight it out to destroy each other’s Faction Tower.


Before you get to meet the other side though, you’ll have to go through a bevy of enemies and Gatekeeper mini bosses that award marks. First to destroy the other side’s tower or gain 500 marks wins, with a payout of experience, medals and in-game AP currency. Also, if not enough players join a match, AI non-player characters will spawn to help out.


Elsword is out now on PC.