Elsword Brings Big Sis Elesis Home From Another MMO


Settling debates I never knew existed, two similar—but different—free-to-play online RPGs Grand Chase and Elsword are answering the question on whether a character in each are related. Spoiler: Yes they are.


Big sister Elesis from Grand Chase 2D is making her way back to her homeland of Elrios and her little brother Elsword, from the 2.5D brawler MMO Elsword. Both Grand Chase 2D and Elsword are from developer KOG Games.


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Elesis is a new playable melee character for Elsword who uses flame-based attacks and a mean two-handed claymore. Her style of combat follows the “Chivalry” system, which is an additional bar that fills up and allows for managing a new type of resource that makes her stronger when swappin’ between attacks.


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In Elsword, players can level up and change job classes as they progress through the game. Elesis, for instance, can advance from Saber Knight to Grand Master, or choose to follow the path of a Pyro Knight that will unlock her Blazing Heart class.


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