Elsword Developer KOG Shows Off New 2v2 Online Game KurtzPel



At the recent G-Star 2017 game exhibition in Korea, online game developer KOG, known for Grandchase and Elsword, showed off their newest PC game, KurtzPel.


Instead of focusing on PvE content, KurtzPel is a 2-on-2 action game with a character creation feature. Here is the character creation feature in action:



At the moment four weapon classes have been introduced: Sword of Talaimh (Greatsword), Dance of Wind (Bow), Diabolic Witch (Magic), and Dual Soul (Duel wielded blades). Each class has three skills and a finisher, and you choose two classes and can freely switch between them in battle for up to six different skills and two finishers. These skills are shown off below:



Finally, here is a video that shows off gameplay of the fast-paced, third person view 2v2 battles:



KurtzPel currently does not have a release date, but in it’s recent G-Star 2017 build supported Korean and English languages.

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