Elsword M: Shadow Of Luna Takes The Elsword Combat Into A 3D Space


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    Elsword M: Shadow of Luna is a mobile title from KOG Games that was shown off at G-Star 2017, and 4gamer had a few details to share about the upcoming title thanks to their playtest.


    While the game genre is the same, focusing on PvE, the 3D space changes how movement feels. For solo play, the game utilizes a tag system with two characters being able to be chosen with a third as a summon. Each character can equip four combat skills out of more than 75 different ones, and air combos can be executed as well.


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    As of the current version, Elsword M does not have autobattle. Despite having free aim, some skills need enemies to be targeted by tapping on them on the screen. So far only characters from the PC version of Elsword have been confirmed to appear, with Els, Rena, Raven and Aisha available at launch.


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    There are also avatar items, with 300 already available in the current build. Avatar items can be collected and upgraded, and costumes can be viewed in the closet.


    Finally, below is a play video of Elsword M:



    Elsword M: Shadow of Luna will be available for iPhone and Android.

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