Elsword’s Add Is Getting His Second Job Class Upgrade



Been leveling up psychic madman Add in Elsword? Great! KOG Games MMO brawler brings word that Add’s second job class change is landing August 13th.


For those who followed Add’s Psychic Tracer job class, you’ll be able to job change him to the more advanced form at job level 35. The new class brings more pain to foes, with the ability to use Add’s new first-tier special active skill to reflect some of the damage he receives back on foes.



Add’s perfected Nasod armor also allows him to deal more threatening battle gear combos, including new weapon plasma explosions and tornado attacks.


At level 65, he’ll also have a new Hyperactive Skill that summons electric storm tornados and pretty much annihilate anything within its range.


Elsword is out now on PC.