Elsword’s Dual Character Luciel Gets An Even More Demonic Job


KOG Games has launched the second job for Elsword’s dual character Luciel.


If you don’t know, Lu is a demon monarch, while Ciel is a mob hit-man. The pair’s first job class is the Chiliarch and the Royal Guard – Siliconera detailed those previously. This new, second job is Noblesse and Dreadlord. They’re detailed below:


Lu’s second job class, Noblesse, will see her use her new powers to take full control over souls and shadow to make them fight for her, and with this, Lu changes up her basic combat roll from close quarter powerhouse to a mid-range team player.  Lu has grown in power under Ciel’s loyal support, and with newfound immense power, her presence on the battlefield is unparalleled.


As Dreadlord, Ciel specializes more on big unyielding combo attacks. With a new salvo of melee and demonic weapons in hand, Ciel is capable of firing heavy projectiles at distance and then closing the distance for some in-your-face brutality.  If Ciel’s new hybrid weapon repertoire wasn’t enough, his ability to extract the ever-living souls from his enemies to help strengthen his skills is just … dreadful!


With these new forms, Ciel has overcome his human limitations and focuses all his efforts in supporting Lu so that she may retake her throne. When strengthened by Ciel, Lu is able to regain her former powers and unleash her own personal hell on the netherworld.


You can download Elsword for free on its website.

Chris Priestman