Elsword’s Spooky Halloween Dungeon Brings Dancing Zombie Fun



KOG Games has announced the recent launch of Elsword’s Spooky Zombie Night Dungeon, just in time for Halloween.



The boss of this new groovy dungeon is Dancing King Mike, a humongous, pink-haired, disco-dancing zombie. To slay this boogying boss, players will have to first eliminate Dancing King Mike’s miniature zombie minions. Only then will the boss challenge players to a dancing mini-game in which you must enter attack keys in time with the music. If successful, Dancing King Mike will take a massive hit and fall to the ground, allowing players to do a significant amount of damage to the discoing undead.



In addition, each one of the 11 characters in Elsword have received special Halloween costumes just for the occasion, all designed by fans during a previous Halloween Costume Design Contest. You can check it all out in the following trailer.


Elsword is available for PC.