Our End Of The World Follows The Odd Companionship Of The Last Two Humans


Visual novel Our End of the World follows the last two humans after an apocalyptic event, tasking the player with finding food and water, while also dealing with the natural distrust from their partner, to see if they can survive.


Players are alone in the world until the find a lone woman, and in order to protect her, they keep her in the basement of one of the few standing buildings. This doesn’t exactly make her feel all that confident in the player, but through talk, finding resources, and in working together, they may be able to find some sort of trust between one another as they fight to live in this hostile world.

Players will have to solve puzzles and make decisions that will dictate what resources they manage to scrounge up, and also make calls as to how to approach their relationship with their fellow survivor. The game has several different endings depending on how the player chooses to approach it, but there is also a high chance they won’t survive at all if they choose poorly.


Our End of the World is currently raising votes on Greenlight for a Steam release, but lists no projected release date on its page.

Alistair Wong
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