Energy Potions Won’t Be On Sale In Black Desert’s Cash Shop



The team working on the English version of Black Desert have announced that Energy Potions will not be for sale in the game’s Cash Shop. This was decided after getting feedback from players of the closed beta test.


One of the differences between the English version and the Korean version is that processing (the act of refining raw materials that can later be crafted into items) costs energy. This is to prevent certain items overflowing the marketplace and make the game last longer.


Energy is restored in the game by completing quests, gaining new knowledge, or waiting for it to accumulate over time. Energy Potions is the easiest and quickest way to get more energy and so having them available in the Cash Shop would encourage players to spend money on them – it’s an exploitative way for the developers to make money.


You can perhaps see why players have requested for Energy Potions to not be on sale for money, then. And also why it’s commendable that the creators have chosen to listen. However, there are plans for some Energy to be on sale in the game’s marketplace.


“It is currently being discussed to add a system that allows players to consult an NPC that will magically transfer your unused energy into an Energy Potion which can be sold on the marketplace,” reads the forum post. Ultimately this will lead to a shift of energy and allow people to collect energy over time to utilize it when needed.”


Energy Potions aside, a couple of other changes were announced, one of them being that the experience that players in parties receive is being increased:


“The benefit increases if you consider that you can work together to kill larger mobs of stronger monster types. But be careful, the more you move away from each other and the killed monster, the higher the chances to lose the bonus,” reads the post. “But fear not, developers doubled the share-range for the party bonus and additionally the developers reacted very positively towards our suggestion to add an indicator that will allow you to monitor whether you are in range or not.”


The other change is that there has been a significant increase to gear drop rates for kills of field bosses.

Chris Priestman