Enjoy A Little Harvest Moon-Like Time With The Felynes From Monster Hunter



Sometimes, the felynes of Monster Hunter want to kick back and relax, too. That’s why in the latest smartphone iOS Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter Anytime Felyne Life, players get to chill out a little bit. The promotional video shows that players will be able to partake in the simple joys of planting, fishing and eventually when monsters come knocking, a little bit of bashing heads in as well. The fighting takes on a bit of random chance, with a dice-rolling mechanic and felynes you’ll have to level up. All for the sake of the king of the felynes of course.


Then again, maybe that’s where all the stuff in Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar comes from…


Monster Hunter Anytime Felyne Life will be out for iOS (No word on an Android version just yet) January 28th.