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Enter The Gungeon Has Guns That Fire Fish, Rainbows, Bees, And Genies



    Indie studio Dodge Roll and publisher Devolver Digital have announced Enter The Gungeon. And, yes, that word is what you get when combining “gun” with “dungeon.” That should give you some insight as to what this game is all about.


    Yep, it’s a dungeon-crawling shooter, bullet-hell style too. Your task is to get to the bottom floor of the Gungeon which, far from being a stroll, involves fighting through bats that are bullets with wings, and a “gundead” skeleton army.


    Luckily, the Gungeon has a LOT of guns for you to use in your mission. As you descend the procedurally generated floors you’ll loot from chests and buy from gunsmiths a range of guns that shoot “nails, fish, rainbows, foam darts, mail, cannonballs, genies, bees, lasers, magic, rockets, bullets, and much much more.”


    Other tools of survival include flipping tables to use as cover, kicking explosive barrels at enemies, jumping pits, and most importantly, the dodge roll. When faced with a room full of spiralling bullet patterns the one thing that’s going to save you is the dodge roll as it has invulnerability frames.


    As with, say, The Binding of Isaac, Enter The Gungeon has lots of unlockables for achieving goals across multiple playthroughs, including new characters with their own unique set-ups and stats, items, rooms, enemies, bosses, guns, and NPCs.


    Enter The Gungeon will be released on PlayStation 4 some time in 2015.

    Chris Priestman

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