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Enterbrain democratizing Xbox 360 RPG development

eb.jpgRemember the create-your-own RPG PlayStation 2 games? We haven’t seen a new console version since 2005 when RPG Maker 3 came out on the PS2. I thought Enterbrain would transfer the series, known as RPG Tsukuru in Japan, on the Nintendo DS. Not quite.


Canned Dogs discovered an article over at ITMedia discussing what the future is for garage RPG creators. Enterbrain is not creating RPG Maker 360, but the next iteration will be Xbox 360 compatible. A future PC version of RPG Tsukuru will have the ability to export and publish user created games on the XNA Creators Club where it can be played on a vanilla Xbox 360. While the goal of the service is to get feedback from other members of the Creators Club, the Xbox 360 could be a home for doujin RPG developers to easily distribute console RPGs.


Microsoft announced earlier this year that XNA games will eventually be playable on any Xbox 360 via the XNA Community Games service. It may be possible to publish RPG Tsukuru games as a free to play XNA Community Games too. The thought is tantalizing, but I’m not jumping out of your chair yet. The future is still hazy since XNA Community Games and the Xbox 360 compatible version of RPG Tsukuru are not on the market. Still, it’s an interesting concept that could fill a library gap without any cost for Microsoft and provide an easy distribution mechanism for indie RPG developers to get their foot in the door.


Images courtesy of Enterbrain.

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