Eonia Offers A Huge Open World Of Colorful Places & Beasts


Eonia takes players to a vibrant, colorful world that’s open for them to explore, setting them free to wander its lands, create maps of its hidden places, use its plants and minerals to create potions and items, and battle the violent creatures that live within it.


Eonia offers narrative and adventure, should players choose to look for it. The game allows players to wander wherever they like, finding hints to the world’s history, books on hidden skills, caverns hiding buried treasures and mines, and striking places simply worth seeing on their own. It’s up to the player to decide what they wish to do with their time in this place, allowing them to follow whatever task they choose to do.

There are many possible things for players to do as well. Players can collect materials to craft various items, brew potions, or smith weapons for themselves. Players can take a few minutes to fish in a body of water, or use their lockpicking skills to break into someone’s treasures, sneaking away using their stealth abilities. They’re also free to map the world, finding its hidden places and keeping records of them, or completing a bestiary of every dangerous creature the world contains. It’s entirely up to the players whether they wish to explore, create, or fight.


Eonia is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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