Epic Games Store’s Free Games Are Sales Boosters, Says Tim Sweeney

epic games store free

GameSpot’s Play for All streaming events led to an interesting nugget of data concerning the Epic Games Store. While speaking to GameSpot’s Tamoor Hussain via a stream, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney made a claim that his company’s platform giving out a steady stream of free games has boosted regular sales for those games on other platforms. [Thanks, GameSpot!]

On the stream, Sweeney stated that he’s seen data suggesting players have come to like new genres through the Epic Games Store free games program, which has dropped free games on a regular schedule since the store launched. Additionally, Sweeney stated that developers have told him they’ve seen sales boosts on other platforms, after being offered for free.

This makes sense; the Epic Games Store free games have ranged from little-known indies to recently, the literal most profitable work of media ever in Grand Theft Auto V. The latter crashed the service for nearly a day, while the former has led to heightened word of mouth and boosted sales on platforms like Steam.

Currently, the Epic Games Store free game is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. That lasts until June 4, 2020, at which point a new freebie will be revealed. The Mystery Game gimmick is offering a free game every week, until the “MEGA Sale 2020” event ends.

Lucas White
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