imageNot sure about playing EspGaluda II on an iPhone? Cave just released a demo under the name EspGaluda II Lite.


EspGaluda II Lite lets users play the first stage with Asagi in novice difficulty using arcade mode or the touch screen bullet blocking iPhone mode. Sure you don’t get all of the characters, stages, or OpenFeint rankings, but EspGaluda II Lite is free.


Cave also announced a patch that fixed incompatibility with 3rd generation iPod touch devices. EspGaluda II still won’t work with a 2nd generation iPod touch or a regular iPhone, but if you have a late 2009 (32GB / 64GB) iPod touch or iPhone 3GS you can play EspGaluda II and EspGaluda II Lite.


EspGaluda II won’t be Cave’s only arcade to iPhone port. In one of our interviews, Yukihiro Masaki mentioned, but didn’t name another iPhone game.

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