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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Shows How To Fight Off D.O.E. Monsters


2015-01-30_024754 Etrian Mystery Dungeon introduces a new type of monsters, called the D.O.E., and they’ll need to be stopped before they damage the town. Atlus shares their latest set of videos for the game, showing you exactly how you’ll attempt to take them out.


When a D.O.E. monster appears in a dungeon, they’ll keep traveling and can even make it to town. Should they do so, they’ll begin destroying parts of it, making it out-of-service for a little while.


Once you catch up to the D.O.E. monster, you’ll get to take it on before it could potentially wreck the town; however, they won’t go down too easily, as you might be able to tell from the video.


You’ll also get to place “fortresses” in different areas, that provide your defense party with extra buffs to help take on the D.O.E. and others that are trying to infiltrate the town.


The basic fort is a little cheaper and only covers an area, but there are different types that provide buffs for physical attacks for the set party, or even things like elemental attribute enhancement, so you can have your powerful mages guard the area.


It seems like there are many ways to go about your set up, so you can go with whichever one fits your needs and play-style, as long as you can manage to take out the big monster before they temporarily take away some of your facilities.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon will release in North America on April 7, 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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