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Etrian Odyssey V Demo Footage Explores Labyrinths And Challenging FOEs



Atlus released a demo for Etrian Odyssey V in Japan last week, and we got ourselves a look at the latest gameplay footage showing its exploration, battles, and FOE fights from players that got to check it out.


First is a look at footage from the latest episode of Seijaijyu Radio or Etrian Radio, featuring voice actors Ayumu Murase and Yoshihisa Kawahara. The gameplay footage begins at the 37:40 mark of the video, where the hosts immediately jump into action. Those who played the demo might be familiar with the area. We first get a look at the auto-mapping feature, along with some battles as they continue exploring the labyrinth.


The next footage is a shorter one that gives us a look at an FOE fight from the demo.


For those of you looking to see every detail from the demo, the above video shows us a whopping five hours of complete playthrough footage. It starts out with a good look at the character customization part as well.


Etrian Odyssey V will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS. Check out our earlier report for details on the game’s first batch of DLC items along with a sample of its FM Synthesis sound addition.

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