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Etrian Odyssey V Trailers Highlight Two Versatile Classes With The Hound And Shaman



Atlus released their two latest trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS dungeon crawler Etrian Odyssey V. Today we get an introduction for the “Hound” and “Shaman” classes.



The Hound is a long-ranged summoning attacker that live by the bow and attack cooperatively with their hawk and hound. They specialize in binding parts of the enemy’s body.


Using their pets, Hounds are able to attack with their own bow and arrow and have another attack from either their hound or hawk. The hawk specializes in offensive powers with more damage output while the hound can bring heals to the party and bind enemies.


The Shaman is a back-row support-type class, where they use their ability to communicate with beings that can’t be seen for various support for the party, which includes heals and protections.


Using divine powers, Shaman are experts of support. For example, they have skills that provide party defense buffs for three turns, and another one that provides heals to go with buffs for the whole party.


Etrian Odyssey V will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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