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Etrian Odyssey V Videos Give Us A Look Into The Warlock Class, Masters And Titles



We previously to see Etrian Odyssey V’s Dragoon class in action, and Atlus’ new videos give us a closer look at the Warlock class, along with details on the Master and Titles features in the game.


The above video is all about the Warlock class. These guys are back row attackers that use attributed attacks of fire, ice, and electricity.


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A few examples of how you can customize your own Warlocks.


Upon meeting certain conditions in the game, you can become a “Master” which allows you to choose one of two possible Titles. Once you’ve chosen a Title, you can then learn a “Master Skill” that is exclusive to that Title. Additionally, you’ll get increased stats depending for the Title you’ve chosen.


For example, A Fencer can acquire the “Illusionary Swordsman” Title. This focuses heavily on the AGI stat and provides the character with skill that works with their evasion and speed. This Title helps creating an evasion tank to help out in the frontlines.


The other Title is the “Thunderbolt Knight,” which focuses more on STR with the purpose of hitting enemies with heavier attacks. They learn abilities such as “Resonance” that helps them work better with allies to increase total damage output.


Etrian Odyssey V: End of the Long Myth will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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