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Etrian Odyssey X Details New Hero Class, Key NPCs, Bonus Character Class Illustrations


Etrian Odyssey

Atlus shared new information and screenshots for Etrian Odyssey X, with more details on how the new Hero class plays as well as an introduction to key NPCs, a new area, and bonus character class illustrations.


Hero (Frontline: Attack & Defense type)




Here’s are different versions for the new Hero class’ appearance:




We also got some details on the unique skills of “Force Boost” and “Force Break”:


Before going into the Hero class skills, here are details on the “Afterimage” passive skill for the class:


When a character learned the Hero’s passive skill “Vestige,” there’s a chance they can bring out an “Afterimage” that joins the party.


031 032

In the above demonstration we see a Hero attack the enemy using the “Brave Wide” attack.


033 034

As you can see, the Hero left behind an afterimage. In the next turn, the afterimage will do another “Brave Wide” attack. Basically, an afterimage will use the attack skill that was used when they were created on the prior turn. After their attack turn, the afterimage disappears.


They say there’s more to it with a variety of combinations you can use with skills and the afterimages.



Force Boost “Brave Heart” – During three turns, your character’s afterimage chances and afterimage attack power gets a massive boost.



Force Break “Miracle Edge” – Hits all enemies with a close-ranged slash attack, recovers HP of all party members past their maximum health.



Skill “Mirage Sword” – Hits a single target with a ranged slash attack. High chance of creating an afterimage.



Skill “Regiment Rave” – At the end of a turn you can hit one target with a close-ranged slash & fire element attack that increases with the more damage dealt by your party during this turn.



The above is a look at the Hero’s skill tree at novice.


Next up are the NPCs. In Etrian Odyssey X we’ll meet over 20 different NPCs. Here’s a look at six of them:


Marco (CV: Kengo Kawanishi)



A wise and sharp-eyed adventurer. He’s in a guild together with Oliver. Contrary to Oliver who always rushes into labyrinths without thinking, Marco prefers to go in smart and carefully.


Oliver (CV: Yoshihisa Kawahara)



An adventurer with a trained body. He’s in a guild together with Marco, and arrived in Lemuria in search of treasure. He has a jocular and daring personality.


Rob (CV: Soma Saito)



Rob arrived in Lemuria as an adventurer, and while he doesn’t speak much he’s a young man with an intense vibe. He seems to take care of Karis.


Karis (CV: Shizuka Ishigami)



Karis is a bright and cheerful girl who arrived in Lemuria as an adventurer. She’s a tank but seems to still be learning the ropes. She seems to have some sort of relationship with Rob.


Leo (CV: Ayamu Murase)



A young man who arrived in Lemuria as an adventurer. He shows a dark attitude and is a little blunt in his words. He explores the dangerous sea of trees alone, and they say his reason has something to do with his past.


Brigitte (CV: Maaya Uchida)



A novice adventurer you’ll encounter at the start of your journey. She finds herself in trouble while gathering herbs in the forest and gets help from the player.






The above is a look at a map of the “Cerulean Woodlands” where you’ll meet Oliver and Marco. We’re not sure why we’ll revisit this area, but the mystery of the ancient civilization will be yours to solve.



The above is a look at some of the first-print bonus DLC, the “New Adventurer Illustration Pack” that allows you to change things up with alternate illustrations for different classes.




This includes the previously teased Gunner illustration by FLIPFLOPs based on the character from the Etrian Odyssey II: The Snowflake Girl manga.


Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS.

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