fsr.jpgAs rumored back in May, Rising Star will publish Flower, Sun, and Rain in Europe this October. However, there are no concrete plans to bring Suda51’s adventure game to North America yet. Chances are very good it will be picked up since Flower, Sun, and Rain is already localized in English. The question is more who will publish it and when will we see it rather than if we’re going to get it.


In Flower, Sun, and Rain detective Sumio Mondo attempts to defuse a bomb on an airplane. He fails, but the next morning he awakens as if the explosion never happened. Sumio is caught in a time loop and the only way out is to solve the mystery of the island. This translates to doing odd jobs for the residents like finding a vampire killing weapon. (?) Yeah, Flower, Sun, and Rain is a mind twisting game, but it isn’t as abstract as Killer7.


Images courtesy of Rising Star Games.

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