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Eve Rebirth Terror Takes A Look At The Major Players In Its Story


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We previously went through Eve: Rebirth Terror’s story, and now the key characters in the game have also received a short introduction. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)


Kojiro Amagi

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The head of the Amagi Detective Agency. He’s got deductive skills that exceed regular people’s, but his agency isn’t doing very well financially. Instead of simple cases, he prefers shady cases that stimulate his deductive abilities.


Marina Houjou

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A first-class inspector in the Ministry Intelligence Division. She’s very capable and has a 99% mission completion rate, but she’s taking a break as she’s lost her passion for her job. She’s been living each day burned out, but…


Yayoi Katsuragi

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The head of the Katsuragi Detective Agency and Kojiro’s ex. She’s wiped the agency’s slate clean, and it has regained its former leading position.


Kyouko Himuro

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Amagi Detective Agency’s secretary. She’s very capable, reliable, and is the agency’s lifeline, thanks to her work completing simple cases.


Saburou Kouno

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The head of the Intelligence Division, and Marina’s boss who understands Marina well. On the other hand, he gets worried as to whether Marina’s reckless streak will rub off on his other subordinates.


Misumi Kagawa

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A former Internal Audit Division member of the police. Currently, she’s been promoted to a different position in a different department, and it seems she’s cut off her former affair with Kouno.


Kyouko Kirino

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Marina’s underclassman and a rookie investigator. Her abilities rivals Marina’s, but she’s also very clumsy in some areas.


Eve: Rebirth Terror will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on April 25, 2019.

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