Even The Monster Hunter Pachinko Game Is Customizable



Capcom is teaming up with Sammy Corporation (a subsidiary of Sega Sammy) for a pachinko money-eater Monster Hunter game. Like most others, it’ll have moving bits and bobs while tons and tons of metal money balls cascade around including a Grush moment  while fighting as a special possibility.


There are all the things you can expect too, like questing and choosing who to team up with to take down foes. The game shows off the ability to select party members for your perfect party as well as the ability to customize your character. Because that’s totally why we’d be playing a Monster Hunter game, right?


Don’t ask us what they’re talking about with the numbers—even we’re not versed enough in the world of pachinko to understand it, though supposedly this is meant to suggest to people how “easy” it will be for you to win at the game.