Even Street Fighter & Sonic Devs Dimps Combine Social Game With RPG



Developers Dimps have a pretty impressive lineup of games when you look at the list, including big guns like Street Fighter IV, Naruto, Shaman King and even the very old and niche Gunslinger Girls. They’ve also put out a bunch of mobile games, and one of their quirkier is a twist on the classic Pipe Dream video game with their own Pipe & Quest mobile game. (Via: Famitsu App)



Taking the very best of social gaming, role playing games and connecting pipes to one another—because, well, that’s what pipes do—this union results in a party of four characters who stand ready to fling their spells or skills at foes… but only if you connect them to the enemy first. To do so, players have to quickly shuffle around the available tiles on the grid to connect a character to the enemy. It doesn’t matter if the connectors cross into other lanes or meld with others, it just has to link.


Once the timer’s up, your attacks will either flow straight to the foe or simply vanish into thin air. There are smaller enemies which you’ll need to target with more specific movements in mind, or huge, final-stage bosses where you just want to pummel it as fast as possible before they do the same to you.



Like many other social mobile games, you’ll be able to open new random packs to find more characters to recruit, train them and evolve them into stronger characters and fight big bads. The art as can be seen is in the super cute super-deformed style where everyone looks like they’re kids but flashing some ultra powerful moves.

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The gimmick behind Pipe & Quest makes it one of the easier mobile games to play for sure. There’s no need to worry about having to match the same colored balls or gems or whatnots to each other, for instance, but you’re still getting the same kind of frantic fun, ability to level up cute characters and compete alongside friends you’ll find online. Power-ups are also more understandable—health refills for instance come in only if you can snag it while your skills are flowing along the pipes.


Pipe & Quest is out now on iOS and Android.


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