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Everything Is Cuter In These New Atelier Rorona Screenshots



Atelier Rorona got third version, and this time it’s a chibi version for New Atelier Rorona on Nintendo 3DS. In addition to a revised battle system, and a new mode featuring Astrid, there are plenty of new costumes. 4Gamer shares a look at different parts of the game with a bunch of new screens.


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The chibi characters of New Atelier Rorona will reenact the original game with its exploration, battles, fields, and all kinds of events featuring Rorona and friends.


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You’ll be limited with your time like in the original version, so it’ll be important to make sure you get everything that needs to be done in timely manner.


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The battle system has also been revised. You can learn more about it, and its new “Auto-Battle” and “Back Attack” features in our earlier report.


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020 021

As always, getting new recipes and making new items will play an important role in the game. This time, you’ll get to see it done in a cuter chibi style.


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025 026

Once you’re done with the main game, you’ll get to enjoy some extra content. In the above screenshots, we see how Totori and Meruru seemed to have appeared from the future, and you’ll need to find a way to send them back.



029 030

Once you fulfill certain conditions in the game, you’ll also get to unlock Astrid mode. You can check out more about it in our earlier report.



033 034

While costumes are exclusive to the characters, accessories can be used by all of them, so you can even set up an entire party to have a matching look with accessories.


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New Atelier Rorona is currently available in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.

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