Evo Moment #37 Recreated In 10 Year Celebration Rematch



Ten years ago, Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong created Evo Moment #37 during Evo 2004 in a Ken vs. Chun-Li match of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.


You can watch that moment here—the crowd cheer still gives me goosebumps. What makes it so special is that Daigo (playing as Ken) parries all 17 hits of Chun-Li’s special move and then counterattacks to finish the match. If he hadn’t parried, and instead blocked, he would have been finished off by the chip damage alone.


As it has been ten years since what is undoubtedly competitive fighting gaming’s most iconic moment, a rematch dubbed “Moment 37 Reloaded” was held between Daigo and Justin to celebrate it. And, yep, Daigo parries the Chun-Li special once again, as you can see below.



Although, as you can also see, this time Justin won that round rather than Daigo this time around. You can watch the full Moment 37 Reloaded match here. And if you haven’t seen it before, the original Evo 2004 match between the pair can be watched here.

Chris Priestman