Ex-Dynasty Warriors Devs Are Making A Hack-‘N’-Slash Game For Smartphones



Gentlebros Games is a Singapore-based team of people who used to work at Koei Tecmo on games such as Dynasty Warriors, Fatal Frame, and Dead or Alive. For their first project they’re looking to make a hack-‘n’-slash action game for iOS and Android.


“The game is called Slashy Hero, and it’s an isometric action game with a very unique drawing mechanic for its combat,” Desmond Wong of the team says. He’s referring to how the game makes use of the touchscreen’s swipe mechanic to have you draw lines through enemies so that your character slashes through them at speed.



The idea is that you’re playing as a kid trying to save Halloween from evil ghouls. There are 36 levels filled with these dastardly enemies, which are easy enough to take down by themselves, but get them in a bunch and it becomes a little more troublesome. Plus, there are traps spread around the levels that will punish any sloppiness.


As you move around the levels you’ll be able to collect costume parts in order to upgrade your character’s outfit.There will also have an Infinite Dungeon mode in which you can face an endless horde of enemies to test your skills and see how long you can last.


Slashy Hero is due out this Halloween. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman