Exe-Create And Kemco Released A 3D JRPG, And It Looks… Good



Developers Exe-Create Kemco are going out on a limb with Alphadia Genesis. Costing double the budget of their other mobile JRPG titles, it’s their big attempt to meld classic sprite-based JRPGs from “ye olde era” with 3D graphics during battle, therefore mixing the best of 32bit graphic games with slightly more modern styles. Stick around for a special extra at the end of the video, too.


The tale stars Frey, who’s been put in charge of looking into the mysterious murder of a master slain by his clone servant. These clones are relics of the past, during the Energi Wars where man fought to control life energy. In order to conserve resources, we created mindless clones with only one command: Kill the other side. Now that the war’s over, they’ve been re-programmed to become peaceful and live alongside us. Or so we think. Joining him are allies such as Frey’s love interest Corone, emotionless Ena (Who reminds one scarily of Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s Iona), super energetic loli Aura and others.


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As the video shows, overland and story segments will feature classic sprite-based characters and static images, but during battle, the Unity-driven engine will give players a 3D battle system. This allows them to add plenty of whiz-bang effects, and one gimmick will be an assist system. Energi looks like a separate magic system, and it’s possible to Overkill enemies for possible bonuses. Just like in other Kemco games, there’s actually a surprising amount of depth despite being a mobile title, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


All of this is being voiced, and as we mentioned in our previous interview with them, Kemco did say they were planning to localize this game into English with Japanese voiceovers (which we’re sure no one who enjoys such games actually minds that much, right?).


Alphadia Genesis is available on iOS and Android.